Wrapping up year 2015 and plans for the new year, 2016

It has been around 4 months and I haven’t had written a single blog! I missed blogging. I wanted to share many things through this blog but for one or other reason┬ádidn’t get a time for that. So, finally I decided to write this post. This is going to be non-technical blog, I’ll write about my learning at Oracle in separate posts.

The year 2015 turned out to be one of the awesome year of my life. I went through lot of ups and down which almost changed my life. So, here are some highlights from the year 2015 in no particular order:

  • Got accepted as an Outreachy Linux Kernel intern and worked with my mentor Julia lawall on project Coccinelle
  • Became active contributor of Linux Kernel community and got a chance to interact with so many intelligent people in open source community
  • Finally done with my graduation in computer engineering
  • Selected as a winner of Linux Foundation Training scholarship, 2015 under the Kernel Guru category
  • Became physically fit [Oh, breaking 2-3 fracture bolts are an exception :P]
  • Got a chance to attend LinuxCon, Europe with other Outreachy interns but Indian interns couldn’t make it because of visa issues. Hope to attend it by this year.
  • Helped Outreachy round 11 applicants for Linux Kernel specific tasks during application period
  • Joined Oracle in November as a Linux Kernel Engineer and started living a life I always dreamed about
  • Relocated to Silicon valley of India – Bangalore
  • Mentoring for RTEMS project in Google Code In to help pre-university students with open source tasks
  • Interviewed by one of the well known open source journalist Swapnil Bhartiya for the IT World magazine. Here, is a link of my interview.
  • Started writing on Quora in my free time and wish to continue it in a next year as well
  • Finally received my new Lenovo ultrabook t450 yesterday [after so much wait] and just done with setting up things in it. Perfect end of the year 2015, isn’t it! ­čÖé

Some of my future plans:

  • Excited about new adventures in a new city
  • Hoping to learn so many new things by contributing more in the Linux Kernel community through my new job
  • I wish to complete some of my personal projects this year
  • Planning to contribute in other open source projects of my interest this year
  • We have started new Linux Kernel meetup group in Bangalore and I am very much excited for the first meetup which is on 16th Jan, 2016
  • Started learning Kannada and wish to continue it in this year so that I can connect with local people in a more general way
  • Planning to attend some conferences and meetups

There are some more updates and plans but let’s just wait for the right time to publish them.

Basically there are so many expectations from the up coming year and I hope to learn more from new experiences. I will try to write a blog more often.

Stay tuned and have a great year ahead!