Devm functions and their CORRECT usage


Lets start this blog with some good news. Guess what, I won the Linux Foundation Training Scholarship under Kernel Guru category. I am so excited for taking Linux Foundation training class. They announced names of scholarship winners in LinuxCon NA which was in settle last week and it came out that I am a youngest scholar who won this scholarship. 🙂

So, lets come to the topic of this blog post. Over the last couple of weeks, I worked on devm functions and their incorrect usage. I couldn’t make it to update my blog properly regarding the same. But in this blog, I have tried to write good summary of my work on devm functions and by adding links wherever possible for someone who is more interested in the discussions and patches. First of all, lets start with introducing devm functions.

Devm Functions: What, Why and Where

There are some common memory resources used by drivers which are allocated using functions and stored as a linked list of arbitrarily sized memory areas called devres. Some of this memory is allocated in the probe function. But all of this memory should be freed on a failure patch or before the driver is detached. Else, the driver will leak resources and wastes main memory.

There are couple of reasons behind introducing devm functions. First is of course about resource leaking. It can be possible that if anything fails in the middle of probe function, it frees anything allocated. Also, remove function is just a duplicate code of probe’s error handling. And most important thing is it is hard to spot problems in failure handling with non-managed resource allocation. So, we need managed versions of such functions = devm functions. Devm functions basically allocates memory in a order resources are allocated and deallocates those memory automatically in a reverse order. Here, is a link of slides which can be useful to understand devm functions and their usages.

Problems I encountered or came across while looking in to devm functions

1. Basically sometimes what happens is developers want to use devm functions because they think that it is better to use managed resource functions but they don’t know how to use it and end up with messing things. For example, here is one of my patch. In this file, we already have devm_snd_soc_register_card and as I said devm functions automatically handles when to free memory. So, actually we don’t need to use function for unregistering the card. I have sent some patches for similar cases and I have provided links of accepted patches at the end of the blog.

2. While working on devm functions, I encountered that many files are using devm_free_irq in remove functions with the devm_request_irq in probe function. One can understand that we need devm_free_irq in remove function when we don’t have devm counterparts for each allocated resource function and it needs to occur before something else to be released. That can be a case where we need to call devm_free_irq explicitly. But not all cases are like that. Here is a link of one of such discussion on a case where use of devm_free_irq is not at all necessary. There are some other such interesting cases for devm_free_irq and but one need to look closely for each case. Also, it can be possible that there are some other such cases for other devm functions. One another example is this.

3. Sometimes it is possible that memory lives within a single function and frees after some line of code. Then we don’t really need devm functions because it just wastes extra memory used for devres structures and few extra cycles for maintaining them. Here, is such example.

Here, are those Coccinelle semantic patches which I used to detect such cases. File devm_entry_points is used to detect problematic usage of devm functions and devm_opportunity is used for finding files which are still using non-managed functions whose devm counterparts already exists.  I worked on each case encountered by devm_entry_points but not going to discuss it here. In case you have any questions please ask me here and I’ll be happy to answer them.

I sent many patches using both of these files and for some which came in to my way while working on devm functions. Here, is a links of some of my accepted patches for the reference and there are many more in their way to be accepted. All of my accepted patches can be found here.  I am going to send some more as still there are many opportunities where devm functions can be used.

I know understanding devm functions is little bit complicated at first but once you will understand them properly, you can enjoy the beauty of them. Please ping me for any queries regarding devm functions or my patches.


  1. power_supply: bq24735: Convert to using managed resources
  2. ASoC: tegra: Use devm_clk_get
  3. ASoC: tegra: Convert to managed resources
  4. ASoC: davinci-vcif: Use devm_snd_soc_register_component
  5. crypto: sahara – Use dmam_alloc_coherent
  6. ASoC: rockchip: i2s: Adjust devm usage
  7. ASoC: samsung: Remove redundant arndale_audio_remove
  8. ata: pata_arasam_cf: Use devm_clk_get

Update – 1: I have continued working on devm functions even after the internship. So, now there are many patches which are accepted in the mainline kernel. And still there are many opportunities where one can go for working on. So, here is a link of my all patches. One can go there and check the things for better understanding.


2 thoughts on “Devm functions and their CORRECT usage

  1. Hi,

    When Probe fails in between because of error, then devm takes care of freeing the resource which it has allocated ? Is my understanding is correct?


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