Macro builtin_platform_driver

This post is for introducing use of macro builtin_platform_driver. I just came across it while solving cases of module init/exit boilarplate code. Paul Gortmaker introduced this macro. One can see many patches with his name in Linux Kernel git tree. So, lets discuss the reason behind introducing it and where we can use it. I am not going in to that much detail, instead I am providing links so that one can go there and understand what is happening here.

Why we need macro like builtin_platform_driver?

Basically there are increasing number of non-modular drivers which are using module_driver type register functions. And there are several downsides of using this. One can see that commit from Paul Gortmaker here which has very infromative commit log.

Where we can use this macro?

One can go for checking in Kconfig file while handling any driver. And see if the driver is configured with a Kconfig option that is declared as a bool. If that is the case then one can go for using this macro for that file. But yes one need to make sure that if the driver depends on other drivers then all of them are declared as bool. Usually we have tristate for module drivers.

How I came across this macro?
When I was working on module init/exit boilarplate issue, I just saw some patches from Paul Gortmaker. Also, while handling one case Paul Bolle suggested me to use this macro. Although I knew that this macro exists, I was not sure about using for that particular file. And I ended up using it for file drivers/hwtracing/coresight/coresight-replicator.c. My patch can be found here.

Can Coccinelle help to handle such cases?
No, Coccinelle can’t help to detect such cases because for each file one need to check Kconfig options in Kconfig file. So one need to do it by hand. But yes Coccinelle can help you with transformation part. One can write semantic patch accordingly. I have added some semantic patches on which I worked in my github account. One can use them and change them according to their need.


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