Yes, Dreams Do Come True!

Me, I still believe in paradise. But now at least I know it’s not some place you can look for because it’s not where you go. It’s how you feel for a moment in your life when you become a part of something. Yeah, Outreachy it is! For the coming few months, I will be working as an Outreachy intern for Linux kernel under Julia Lawall (jlawall on IRC). Here, I am sharing my experience with linux kernel and Outreachy. My project title is Coccinelle. Yes, Coccinelle is the one on which I was about to write this post [as promised in my last post] but now I’ll write about it in my next post. So, let’s start from the beginning.

What is Outreachy?

In a single word, Outreachy is an opportunity for me. Opportunity to step in to awesome open source world. Opportunity to learn, code and collaborate with amazing open source community. Basically it is a Google summer of code[GSOC]  kind internship program with few exceptions in rules. To know more about outreachy, go here.

Me and Outreachy

Results are out and internship period is about to start(from 25 May), but before this I was an applicant and here sharing experience of that. Yes experience of being an applicant for Linux Kernel – because it is awesome in itself. Application period of outreachy started from February 17 [Although I started contributing to Linux kernel before application period]. I choose linux kernel as organization because project ideas of Linux kernel were intuitive to me and I was comfortable with the technology stack required. Also, I found Linux kernel community very welcoming for newbie’s. So, I decided to go for it. I applied for Linux kernel only. [Although applicants are free to apply for more than one organization]

Me and Coccinelle

Although I am going to write separate post about Coccinelle, here I would like to say some words about my contribution for the project. To turn into an intern from a participant, one needs to submit application(s); and to submit an application participants are supposed to first make some initial contribution for the organization they want to apply. I choose Coccinelle because it is my first open source love. 😛 Yes, my first contribution to the Linux kernel was running Coccinelle semantic patch over staging directory files. Basically Coccinelle is a program matching and transformation tool for C code that has been used extensively in contributing to the Linux kernel, for both code evolutions and bug fixes. After my first contribution, I tried to fix bugs of Linux kernel using Coccinelle scripts. The goal of my project is to use Coccinelle to replace out of date API uses in the Linux kernel with more modern equivalents. More details about my project [along with other projects] can be found here.  My contribution for the linux kernel can be found here.

Me and Julia

Julia Lawall, the maintainer of Coccinelle and coordinator of linux kernel for outreachy, is my mentor. I will work under her guidance for next few months. Julia is one of the awesome and intelligent person I have ever met. She works at INRIA as a senior research scientist. She always encouraged me to ask questions and gave me devotion to explore more, work more, learn more. Looking forward to learn more from her. *Excited* 🙂 🙂

My Application

Discussions with mentor, reading the code of project allowed me to learn more about project and helped in proposing a solution and timeline of the projects for which I was applying. I started writing application putting all my experience with FOSS and Linux Kernel both along with other information as asked in application template. Also, Julia put list of some deprecated functions here. I picked some of cases from there along with other cases for my project timeline and then I submitted my application. 🙂

Result Time

Ah,  so now its time for result. On April, 27 UTC 7 result was out and posted here. I just did `Cnt +f` and typed `Vaishali Thakkar` and woohoooo!!!!  I could see my name there under Linux Kernel list without completing my name’s spelling. Exciting… Thrilling…  Exhilarating!!… 😀 😛

I am looking forward to work hard, learn a lot and ready to bear all ups and downs that will come across the internship period. No doubt **This is just a Start!** The main purpose of this blog will be to track my progress through my project Coccinelle. I will probably write about any issues or interesting technical subjects I encounter through the project, provided they are related to FOSS. I will take you with me in the whole journey of being an Outreachy intern. Stay tuned!


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