I am always been at the forefront of raising my voice against any sort of discrimination, and gender discrimination is 1 of the most among them. Today world is observing the International Women’s Day and to mark the occasion, I am just going to knock out on all those pretty souls which are most beautiful art created by Almighty God…

Projects associated with women’s day continues to impact millions of women across the globe.The main agenda to focus on this day is to empower a girls at early stage.But do we really need so?Do we really need someone else’s words to make our-self get empowered?No..Not at all!! Building someone’s hope is an achievement and that is priceless by all dimensions but Darlings,we don’t need it. We really don’t need it.We are not only women we are “The Women” now.And we don’t need any milestones to continue going on our way,we can find our path by our own,we can face all the hurdles with our strong mindset and we can reach to our destination without any single helping hand.We are capable enough to create a history as well as we can build our bright futures too.Sky is the only limit for us.

God created us not only for love and sacrifices they created us to show their omniscient creativity towards the art of creation.We too have our own emotions,we too have some values,we too have some kind of attitude towards life,we too have self respect,we too have ego and we don’t think there is anything wrong with these all. We are the princesses of our own life.We have our choices and freedom of voice.I agree that still we don’t have equal opportunities as men have but we are capable enough to create opportunities by our own-self and go break the walls which society has built for us from decades.We are the supremo of our society as well as nation.We are the ones who can fly without wings just on the supporting wind.

So,My dear Ladies just be the ones who you are.Feel Proud to be a woman.Remember the dignity of your womanhood.Do not appeal,do not beg,do not grovel.Take courage,join hands and fight for yourself.There is no situation that you can not handle.Come on and celebrate the day as world is yours.Cheers…

Happy Women’s Day to all Nari’z and remember that you are now no more “Bichari” …


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