Review: Satymev Jayte Season-2 Ep:1

           Amir Khan is back with his issue based show “Satymev Jayte” which had created a stir in indian society from its very first episode…This is a review of 1st episode of  Satymev jayte’s second season..Whatever I have written in this blog is all about my personal opinions..

          Topic of the today’s episode was Rapes, Life of Rapes Victims’ after Rape, Social , systematical as well as behavioral  approaches towards them…Today’s episode also focused on some changes that should be made from society side as well as our system’s side…They have shown some realities too which are still not to be known by the people..Even I was shocked at 2-3 points during  the episode[ Like 2 fingure test, Medical text-books’ words etc]..I was like is this a system and society  from which I am belonging!! In today’s episode I like those last 2 stories of 2 women[1 from ‘india’ and 1 from’Bharat’] who are fighting for themselves and have courage to saw their face on national television channel and according to me they are real Amir Khan..Very well researched episode it was! Totally worthy to come back after 18 months…I would like to admire the work done by satymev Jayte’s Team. Though there are some points which I didn’t like personaly. Likewise from last season melodrametic expressions of Amir Khan,Hugs,Audience’s Claps after Amir’s claps,Song and tears in eyes of everyone at the end etc were still there..I am not against showing their feelings but don’t show it that much that the people in front of their tv at their homes feel like this is a 1.50-2 hours movie and all will be over after these 2 hours. Show content should be like everyone should understand the problem properly and try to bring change in their minds as well as in a society. But except this 2-3 points I really like the episode as it was much informative too.I also like website work of this show.It contains so many informative portions.People may comes to know about many things which were not to be known before this.

          So,At the end of the blog I can’t say it was great work but overall it was nice work by whole the team.It will be worthy only if it will bring some changes in society as well as in a system.


#P.S: It is far better to spend some time on Satymev Jayte rather than on Comedy Nights with Kapil .


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