Has time really changed!!!!!

“Beta,aa samaj chookariyo mate aavo j chhe varso thi ane aapde aa j samaj ma rahevanu chhe atle aatlu to sahan karvu j pde!!!!”[My dear,society is the same from decades for girls and we have to live in it…So,we have to suffer!!] That’s what she said when I was trying to make sense out of women empowerment and freedom..

When I was a kid I always wonder when people told me that I can’t do some things just because I am a girl…We talked about rapes..We talked about women empowerment…We have tears in eyes when any daily soap girl character cries…We have smile on our faces when a girl character do something for their familly sacrificing her own happiness..I am not against doing something for our owns but I am against that thought which make us believe that its women’s duty to do that…Its women’s duty to make her family happy at any cost..And there is nothing wrong with it…Really!! Is it so?? On one side we talks about gender equalities and on other side we can’t allow our girls to go outside after 8 pm alone just because now-a-days rape cases are increasing and we have a fear in mind that what will we do if same will happen to our girl too..We have almost accepted the situation..Its like our body accepting a pain which has remained persistant over time..

I myself have never been able to find out precisely what feminism is:    I only know that people call me a feminist whenever I express sentiments that differentiate me from doormate”

Women has always been a object of pleasure for men..People writes lots of articles,blogs,stories,novels etc on this topic…we likes to go for debate on these topics but they don’t like to comment when their own son behaves badly with her wife..We often likes to talk about women empowerment but they refuse to give freedom to their own daughter or daughter-in-law..We says ‘Its Kaliyug’ when some organizations demands for sex-education but noone uses this word when ‘Grand masti’ enters in 100 caror club where women is potrayed as an object of pleasure only… We protest when women is raped but we ignore the everyday scenes where women get lustful looks in public places…We talked about encourgement about women yet we treat them dependent one…We still question whether women can live alone..We still witness a society where people are ready to spend fortune for dowry…

I am pushed to write this blog after seeing so many cases like this around me..I don’t know this blog is going to change anything or it is just going to increase one more number in these type of articles…But I am going to post it in a hope that after reading this if a single person will say ‘Sorry’ to ladies around him with whom he had done anything wrong ever then it will be worthy for me…Though sorry cannot change the past but it can change future for sure …


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